An Educated Mathare

7 05 2010

Cutting off all of your beautiful hair is the ultimate sacrifice for education. That’s what our high school aged StarGirls had to do. (And no, you don’t have to feel bad because we StarGirls, hairless or hairful, will always look good!) And of course, I am proud to say… every StarGirl is now in school. It was a fight, yes, a hard one, to get the books, the uniforms, the bus fare, the pocket money, the tuition, the parent’s consent, and get these girls off to where they needed to be most… school. Truly, I am relieved to see them out of the slum and boarding at great schools that will challenge them. So… Can we now take a breather you ask… NO! The boys need their dose of education too!  Unlike the girls, most of our boys at Inspiration Center don’t board. They live at home and commute daily as day scholars.

Last Sunday, we all sat together to discuss some of the challenges of high school life. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Wambo- The exams are very challenging. I’m praying next term will be easier.

Lawrence- Being a day scholar is difficult. I find myself lacking time to study. Your peers influence you, there’s quarreling with parents, TV… so many distractions.

Sarah- Boarding life is hard. You have to learn to live with so many different characters. Some students aren’t serious… they’re playing around, making fun of you, even stealing toothbrushes! You have to learn how to manage your time and choose good friends.

Valentine- Last semester was rough. I was sent home because I was lacking school fees, and found out my mom had died. But pray that I won’t give up. I just found out that I did really well on one of my exams.

Boyee- Gossip. It’s tough being in a mixed gender boarding school. You can’t even greet a girl and the rumors start. And drugs are a huge issue. Some of the boys are using. Boarding school is more stressful than a day school.

MaryBeth- You sleep late, and then you have to wake up early… As early as 3 am!. The schedule is demanding.

Edwin- To be honest, when it comes to school, I haven’t been the greatest. Carelessness, rudeness, skipping school… I’ve been having these issues, and to add to the problem, sometimes I can’t pay school fees.

Fridah- Some students are selfish, and there is a lot of bullying. Sometimes you end up picking up bad habits. I need prayer for a better attitude. I need strength to do the right thing, even if it means losing friends.

Brighton- It’s about having a positive attitude. We need to not be lazy and not have negative attitudes towards school, and even towards the difficult subjects.

Sam- I got caught up in selling and using drugs. The work is so difficult. I don’t understand any of the material or all of these formulas. I thought that the relationship between Pi and radius was that they were brothers…

So which is more of a challenge…boarding, or day school? I say, both are tough enough. Please keep our youth in your prayers as they journey through the trials of teenage years and press to finish their secondary education. Thanks!


If I Ruled the World

7 05 2010

If I ruled the world, I would live on bacon and sausage.

I would keep all the women in a cottage.

I would ensure the poor would keep their porridge

And keep them rich with courage

To stand away from controversies and live in comfort.

But if I ruled the world, there would be no street beggers

There would be no selfish ambitions

I would make life beautiful for everyone.

But if the world was mine, it would have beautiful buildings

Like the jungle of ‘Lion King’

There would be free education, in each nation.

No abortion

In each time, there would be no crime.

No tribalism.

There would be no beggars in the street,

No gangsters.

But if I the world were mine,

No more hunger, no more slums

United as one,

Like the sound of beating drums.

And if I ruled the world,

the sun would glow, the moon would shine,

like a mother, breastfeeding her lovely twins.

And if I ruled the world

No more cries, no more chaos

I would treat everybody equally.

But if the world was all mine

Everybody would have responsibility

No idling, no death, no tribalism.

All would cherish peace always.

And if I ruled the world,

I would vividly make the desert places

To be streams of water yearly.

But when I rule the world,

No more ghettos, no more suburbs

Children and grown-ups would be equal.

There wouldn’t be any discrimination

The world would have one color…

The colorless.

And if I owned the world

I would have killed the source of tribalism

Enmity, pretenders

I would have fought tooth and nail to evaporate droughts

Floods, and epidemics.

Because if I ruled the world

I would make sure that no crime goes unpunished

I wouldn’t encourage abortion, no matter what.

I’d make sure that all children know their rights.

There would be no women and children’s violation if I ruled the world…

And I can.

Jackton, Godfrey, Edwin, Jaime, Pepe, Valentine (Rozy), Erricssons, Okonj, Vicor, MaryBeth

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