Kerosene and Concerts

8 08 2010

Big things are happening at the Inspiration Centre these days!

We finally got the funding to open our own kerosene pump. This is huge news. With a grant from the Fluid Foundation in Seattle, we will be able to begin selling fuel to our neighbors. Many people in Mathare use kerosene for cooking and for lighting their homes — therefore, there’s a big demand.

But this isn’t any old kerosene kiosk. The money from the business will go directly to funding the Inspiration Centre’s activities and programs. It is very important for us to be a self-sustaining organization, and this micro-business is putting us on the track to success.

So far, we are outfitted with a business license from the government, a fire extinguisher, and storage drums. This week Moses is working on buying the pump, a permit from the fire department, and most importantly…1000 liters of kerosene. After many many months of planning, we can finally see what is on paper being put to practice (pictures to come!).

In other news, Inspiration Centre has planned a huge concert for this Saturday….come one, come all!

The kids are back from school, and Moses has given them the responsibility of planning the whole event. We’re going big with this one — acrobatics, dance, singing, comedy, skits, ball juggling, eating competition (just to mention but a few things) will be showcased on a huge stage with loud speakers. We plan to start the event at 10am all the way to 4pm. If you are around, come join us for what promises to be a fantastic day.




One response

11 08 2010

Wow! How wonderful. What a great blessing. Thank you to the Fluid Foundation. Moses…keep dreaming big for the kids and with God’s help they will reach high to get there.

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