Back to School

24 09 2010

Around the Inspiration Centre, the start of a new school term is always bitter-sweet. We are so thrilled to have so many of our kids going to school — whether they are boarding or going to day school. But school brings with it a new set of challenges for students from Mathare. Before they left, we asked some of them about the challenges they will face this term. This is what they had to say:

  • “It’s difficult to tell other kids in a boarding school that you come from Mathare; a place that has bad reputation. This reduces our self esteem.”Quinter
  • “I am facing a lot of peer pressure from fellow students” -Eva
  • “We should choose good company to keep. Just like the V-shaped symbol, we go to school as a multitude but leave as individuals” -Cornelius
  • “I need to practice on the subjects that I am weak in order to improve and do better. I also need to manage my time well and avoid the pressure like smoking from fellow youths” -Pepe
  • “Last term some girls in our school drunk alcohol. I am facing a lot of pressure to do the same bearing in mind that our school is mixed (boys and girls)” -Wamboi
  • “I am not good in class but I have mastered writing poems and I plan to pursue that because I am good at it. I have had many challenges from fellow students and even to some extend almost swayed to join a cult (free mason) in order to be rich”  -Boyyee
  • “Walking to school (3miles ) everyday is a challenge to me. I always feel tired to even read or do my homework. Edwin: our school has only two bathrooms (toilets) that we have to share the entire school. This makes me to avoid taking chai or anything in the morning in order to stay relaxed. I also have challenge in getting food and text books at home.” -Wambua
  • “We should learn to take care of what we have including our text books and other school materials. We have challenges in both boarding and day school. We can not say that one is better than the other; they both have their challenges.” -Lawrence
  • “I live in a neighborhood that smoking of weed (bhang) is rampant. I still find the same challenge in school. I used to smoke but I am tring very hard not to go back to those old habits. As a class prefect (class assistant), I have the challenge of representing the teacher, assigning responsibilities to students and hence having less time to concentrate with my studies” -Sammy
  • “I need for Inspiration Centre in the future to provide us with a high school tutor during the school holidays to help us in our weak subjects” -Kevin (Babu)

All these are some of the challenges that some of our boys/girls face in school as Inspiration Centre tries to support them get education. We request for your prayers and support as we try to bring change through education.


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