Saying Goodbye to Salim

30 03 2011

Last week the community of Mathare and the Inspiration Centre suffered a great tragedy. Salim, a nine year old boy and faithful participant in Inspiration activities, passed away.

On March 24, Salim’s mother called Moses at 4a.m. to tell him Salim was ill. “I thought it was a normal thing; probably stomachache, headache, or some other small ailments,” Remembers Moses. “I told his mother that I would visit them when sun comes out in the morning and see how I could help. That never happened.”  One hour later, she called back with the terrible news.

Losing a loved one is never easy, and the sudden nature of Salim’s death makes it even harder to bear. It seems unfair that a loving God would allow such a young and spirited life to be taken away. This time of mourning also becomes a time of spiritual reflection, as we struggle with anger, confusion, and disappointment at the loss of our friend.

Moses, who knew Salim his whole life, reflects on the loss: “I have known Salim all his life. I grew up with his dad as one of my friends even though he is a Muslim and I am a Christian. I used to call him ‘Chinese’  because he had two cute eyes that resembled a Chinese descendant’s and secondly, because he loved kicking me around using kung-fu and other Chinese techniques of fighting. He was one of the students at the Art Camp 2009 and was in my photography class. I have many questions to ask God. I already miss Salim and I considered him like the child that I never had. May God rest his soul in eternal peace!”

Please keep Salim’s family and the community of Inspiration Centre in your prayers in this incredibly sad time.


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