Diaspora Of Hope Art Camp Coming!

26 07 2011

Dear Friends,

We would like to tell you about our 4th annual arts camp that will take place November 28th-December 2nd. Last year we were able to raise enough money to take 60 children to Mombasa for 5 days; teaching them photography, music, drama, poetry, and painting. This was the children’s very first time to swim in the ocean and visit the coast.

You can imagine the excitement and anticipation that has been building since last year’s camp! As Inspiration Center anticipates this year’s camp our hope is to return to Mombasa, but this time we want to raise the number or children to 80.

The Diaspora of Hope Art Camp began through the initiative of BuildaBridge International. This camp model can be easily contextualized to a specific culture and community. Artists from the community unite and collaborate regarding their own unique artistic skills. Classes are formed based on those artists willing to teach and those artists go through a day training prior to camp so that they write lesson plans and decide how to incorporate the camp theme into their teaching. Children coming for camp will choose one art-from the concentrate on for the entire camp. At the beginning and end of each camp we have assembly where we will cover the motto and rules for camp as well as discuss the theme (such as peace, hope, or unity). The last day of camp children gather together to include family, friends, and community members in a celebration, which allows each arts group to give a presentation of what they have learned. Inspiration Centre has been using this camp model for 3 years now. Each year, it continues to get bigger and better!

We ask you to consider sponsoring a child for this year’s 5 day camp in Mombasa. We have 80 that are in need of sponsorship and with your help, even just one child will experience a very special trip that will broaden their worldview outside of the slum and teach them Christian values through artistic means.

HOW? Support one child to go to camp! Just 50 dollars will cover all expenses (food, transport, housing, art supplies)

Make Checks To: Center for Transforming Mission and earmark check: Nairobi (Mathare Art Camp 2010)

Send Check To: CTM 902 Market Street Tacoma, WA 98402 (www.CTMnet.org)

For Automatic Deposit: Please email Lana Rocke at Lanarocke@CTMnet.org

Thank you for considering this special opportunity!


Summer at the Centre

16 07 2011

Hey Folks!

Sorry for the silence over the past several weeks. Rest assured, Inspiration Centre has been very busy this summer. Here are a couple especially exciting things we’ve been up to:

Land Dedication

On June 12, friends of the Inspiration Centre gathered at our newly acquired piece of land to give thanks to God for our new investment — a plot of land. The purchase of land is one of the biggest steps that Inspiration Centre has ever taken since we started. Land is one of the major sources of conflict in Kenya. As an organization that is independent and trying to come up with programs that will be internally supported and sustainable, this was our biggest achievement.

Our little plot with big potential!

The land dedication day was set aside to thank God for providing us with an opportunity to own property. We made our own meals and shared it as one family just like what Jesus did with those he led.

Some friends came all the way from Denver, Colorado to celebrate with us

We intend to erect a five storey building on the land with 48 rooms and more secure and community space at the top (with the possibilities of having a garden). This in return will generate a monthly income of $1,500 per month that will support other Inspiration Centre programs. Although we have already achieved so much, we still need to come up with a lot of money for the structure. We have a budget of $230,000 for the entire project.

We are currently seeking those who would like to invest in this project or support it. Any support can be sent to Inspiration Centre through Center for Transforming Mission (CTM). Donations are tax deductible and can be made through this website:  https://www.servicenetwork.com/olg/eftplus02/donate.asp?MerchantCode=1447

Or checks can be mailed to:

Center For Transforming Mission
902 Market Street
Tacoma , WA 98402 USA

Please indicate that your donation is specifically for Inspiration Centre Land

We look forward to updating you about the progress of this land and building site. For now we give thanks for the opportunity God has given us and pray we will use his blessing to serve Mathare even more.

Rift Valley Academy Concert

June 24th was also an exciting day for us. The Rift Valley Academy (RVA) joined us for a concert and production. RVA is a boarding school in central Kenya for the children of missionaries. Their choir and drama group came to perform and interpretation of the story of Job. We had a great turn up of people and we also had an opportunity to speak one on one about Jesus with the local residents. This was our third time we have invited RVA’s choir to Mathare.


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