1 12 2011

A much belated congratulations to two of our Inspiration guys who just graduated high school! In mid November, Lawrence Havi and Godfrey Boyee both finished their final exams, making them high school graduates. Great job guys! Following a celebration for the two, Moses said, “It’s the first group of kids that I started with when they first started high school and I am proud to see them complete the four years.”

The road to graduation wasn’t always easy. After four years being out of school and a mother who was against his education, Godfrey was able to find a school sponsor through the Inspiration Centre to help him out. Lawrence also struggled to finish his education. His father died while he was still in primary school and he almost dropped out to join a gang before Inspriation Centre gave him new hope  by paying for his schooling.

Godfrey Boyee (left) and Lawrence celebrate at a graduation party held in their honor at the Inspiration Centre

We are so proud of our graduates! Your perseverance and motivation are an inspiration to us all.


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