Back to school for Inspiration Centre children

5 09 2012

As we plan to take our teenagers and youths back to schools and colleges, we had a few words with them to find out what has been happening during their break and what they were expecting as they plan to go back to to school. Here are just a few comments from some of them:

Fridah (sophomore high school): Last term we went on strike as students because we felt that the principal was not providing good     leadership. Students from my school also steal from each other making it sometimes unsafe and frustrating when we keep on losing school material.  

Irene (3rd year nursing student): My fellow students went on rampage last semester because of transportation issues. Our college principal was not handling the transportation problem well. I really need a computer to help me do some research on the internet.  

Davin (junior high school): Cooks in our school serve us little food and sometimes not well cooked.

Wamboi (junior high school): Our school is poorly managed and last term every student went on strike. I also encountered school fees problems during last term which disrupted my normal learning.

Marybeth (junior): I was disrupted by my illness which was as a result of climate.

Wambua (junior high school): Trekking in the morning makes me tied to start classes in the morning. I also hope that Inspiration Centre can provide us with library facilities in the future. 

Babu (junior high school):I sometimes feel insecure in school because students steal from each other.I also wish I had more pocket money to be able to carter for my bus fare instead of trekking for more than 3 miles one way. 

Collins (freshman high school):  I have seen big and older boys bullying us just because we are new in school.

Veronica (2nd year university): Life at the university is very expensive which creates many avenues of temptations especially for girls like us.

Esther (Sophomore high school): I normally face school fees problems and pocket money to use when I am in school for three months

Nancy (3rd year University): Inspiration Centre should look into girls’ needs especially when going to school. Sometimes it’s very difficult for girls to speak about these needs.


Please pray for our teenagers and youths in school and colleges that they may find passion and study hard to achieve their dreams.




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