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25 12 2012

12 12 2012

DSC02067 DSC02068“My name is Amina, and today I am not shy!” This was the introduction given by one of Inspiration’s most timid girls, right before her dance presentation at our Art Camp celebration. To anyone else, this may not have been much of a big deal. But for us, it was. To see Amina, a girl who would run away at the thought of speaking to a crowd, finally burst out of her shell and dance the Macarena with all of the confidence in the world, now that, was a miracle.

Amina’s story is just one of the many examples of how the transforming power of the arts, combined with teachers who care, can influence a child in a positive way. This year’s art camp, thankfully, had the perfect balance of both.

Our 2012 Art Camp was great and not just because we took more than 90 people from Mathare slum to Mombasa, but it was because this year we worked in conjunction with Bear Valley Church from Denver. The Bear Valley team was composed of 15 people and was led by Howard Waller; the senior mission pastor. As hosts, we gave our guests the first priority to lead in teaching all the classes at the camp while our Kenyan counterparts assisted in leading groups. We had assembled 80 people from the Kenyan side, which included Mathare children and their group leaders.  Being a group leader was one of the toughest jobs at the camp since their role was more like a parent’s role. Nevertheless, everyone worked together to make this year a success.

The kids were able to learn dance, photography, drama, collage making and sculpture. Inspiration Centre is really grateful to all of you who gave your money, time and skills towards this worthy cause.  We look forward to working again with you in the future.

Thank you all!!!

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