Back to school

6 01 2013

This week our Inspiration Centre students will be going back to school after six weeks of break. To many parents in Mathare, this is one of the tough times economically. Most of the parents have already spent a lot of money during the Christmas festivals and are very broke.  Just like any other parent, Inspiration Centre is a parent to many students and experiences all the challenges that parents go through.

This year, Inspiration Centre was lucky enough to get additional friends from Bear Valley Church to support a few more students from Mathare to go to school. Inspiration Centre would like to thank you all:

  • Max and Teresa
  • Jenn
  • Denise

We were also lucky to get another Kenyan sponsor:

  • Sanif

As usual, we are very grateful for all your commitments in improving the lives of Mathare children through education. Please keep our students in your prayers and more so our country Kenya as March 4th elections near.


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