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17 03 2013

A small interview on what we are doing in Mathare


Congratulations Candy!

13 03 2013

When the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results were announced on March 1st, 2013, little did we know that one of our own girls was going to perform that well! Candy secured education scholarship through Inspiration Centre when she was in form three. This has proven fruitful to us as she managed to emerge top in her school with a score of  A-.

 This will guarantee her a spot in our university to study engineering. 

We wish Candy and all of our students in our sponsorship program all the best!






South Africa Visit

1 03 2013

Jaime and I were privileged to Travel to South Africa for ten days for various conferences. We were challenged to see how the non-profits work and how they have transformed Pretoria and Nelspruit cities through their work. The Leadership Foundation has groomed and worked closely with these two cities through the local leadership. I am still convinced that there is still that thin line that links the non-profits and for profits. The biggest fear today in most of the non-profits is the fear of becoming extinct because of funding. In Pretoria, we learned that one of the non-profits ( was doing amazing work to support their work through low income housing. Their involvement in business to support their work was well structured and provided us with an opportunity to learn.

Jaime saying a Spoken Word poem to the Tshwane children

Inspiration Centre is in the same path of applying the same formula to its Mathare community. Currently, we have been able to acquire the title deed on our land and are planning to build a five story building. In January, the Bear Valley church  generously donated their Christmas gift of $5,000 to go towards the construction. The total cost for the entire building is $170,000 but we are welcoming any contributions, donations, grants, loans and investment opportunity to make this happen. We are still looking for our current and new partners who value our work to come in help us make this happen. When the building is finished, Inspiration Centre will be in a position to generate $2,000 every month and provide employment to 5 youths. With this steady income every month, Inspiration Centre will be in a position to take more children to school, provide decent housing to Mathare residents, feed 200 children every day and provide employment opportunity to many idle youths.

The Yeast House in Pretoria provides shelter to many low income earners

Inspiration Centre would also like to thank Kari Giddings Ehresman and Joseph DiAngelo for joining our team of Sponsorship program. This year we have taken 5 new students to high school. This is a gift to Inspiration Centre and Mathare community at large.

Finally, Kenya will be voting for new leaders under the new constitution on 4th of March 2013 and we would like to wish the best candidate good luck. We would also like for all of you to say a prayer for Kenya and Mathare slum. In the previous election, our Mathare community was severely affected and some of our children and their families were displaced. Peace Peace Peace.

Stay tuned for more updates….

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