Heart of Junction Team

19 06 2013

Inspiration Centre was privileged to host Pastor Darrin Crow and his team from Heart of Junction Church in Colorado. Many missionaries come to Africa to spread the gospel of Christ to those who have not heard the gospel. With this team, they offered a discipleship training called ONE ON ONE with GOD.

Pastor Darrin leading men’s class

Men and Women at Work!!

Jessica King with the class she was leading

This training brought close to 20 leaders from Nairobi for 8 days. On the other hand, Inspiration Centre had a different plan for the Colorado team. Those who didn’t attend the training were assigned to help with baby care, soccer team, construction, arranging of rocks for the safety of the kids,  cleaning some of the dirty toilets in Mathare and painting the walls of those toilets. The team from Colorado was humble enough to accept the call and connected very well with the community they were serving. As they worked with the children, they also acquired new identities; “WAZUNGU” meaning “White people”. Some children referred to them as HAWAYU (How are you). It was a great experience for our guests and our Inspiration Centre team.

We are now planning for the Colorado team to bring doctors and nurses to Mathare for a Medical Camp next year. We are grateful to this team for all the support they gave us which also included money for the Huruma apartment project.  May God bless you all!!!

After the Paint

Graduation time!!!


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