How the Eburru Art Camp Went

18 08 2013

Inspiration Centre would like to thank Denver Community Church through the missions Pastor; Dave Neuhausel, Kaylie Sauter and our hosts Kara Hamblen, pastor Steve  and his wife Mary from Eburru  and all the Artist volunteers who offered their time and talents.

Sabina having a wonderful time at the camp

Eburru top

Awarding a certificate to Michelle

The camp was a new experience for Mathare team. We decided to take this year’s Art Camp to Eburru as a result of being invited there by Kara. The Eburru weather is windy and cold; a different weather from what our kids from Mathare are used to.  The kids were able to learn how to make beads, sculpture, mural, culinary, photography and performance. We also awarded certificates to all the students and teachers who participated in the camp.


Final Mural

One of the most captivating moment was taking 105 kids to Lake Naivasha to see the hippos, fish Eagles, ducks, monkeys, Water-bucks, Gazelles among other wild animals. All the kids we took to the lake had never visited the lake before and enjoyed every moment.

Meal time

Another activity that the kids enjoyed also was watching projected movies every night.

We managed to watch Lion King, Home Alone and Tangled. We are now looking forward to another Camp in December.

Thank you for your past, present and future support towards these camps.



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