Coming to America

21 09 2013

“Coming to America is a hilarious and funny movie”. As Jaime and I plan for a two months (October and November) visit to America, I thought of the movie because of many things; some of them being; I was born in Nairobi while Jaime was born in New York and I should expect more culture shock from the two cities.

It’s slightly more than one year since we got married and Jaime has been yearning to see her family and friends. For me, it will be an opportunity to meet Jaime’s extended family, friends, Inspiration Centre supporters,  and make new friends.

We are excited to represent God’s work in every place we visit.



9 09 2013

Our Truck

After waiting for a long time, Inspiration Centre finally managed to purchase a 2004 L200 Mitsubishi. Thanks to the Denver Rescue Mission for giving us  a grant of $5,000 together with $1,500 contributed by Inspiration Centre. The truck is set to ease on our overhead expenses at the Kerosene business, help in carrying speakers, chairs and other errands at Inspiration Centre. We will also be using the truck to visit our students who study in boarding schools kilometers away and give tours to those interested in learning about our work in Mathare. We look forward to serving our Mathare community better.

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