Comparing America to Kenya

21 10 2013

America is very different from Kenya in many ways.  So far, Jaime and I have been privileged to visit New York, Colorado and Washington State.  We have been able to visit and share our work with friends, churches and organizations that are supporting our work in Mathare.

At Mt. Evans


Statue of Liberty

America is very hard to describe in a sentence but I managed to grasp a few things that are very different from Kenya.

  1. I realized that they drive on the right hand side of the road
  2. They have many road signs
  3. The traffic lights really work
  4. There are so many fast foods that people drive through as they make their orders.
  5. I Managed to see snow and Aspen trees that vary in colors
  6. The transportation systems such as the underground sub-ways in New York are well organized and are efficient.
  7. Children in America can question their teachers or even refuse to do what the teachers ask them to do.
  8. People don’t seat down to eat a meal together because everyone is working.

I am still in culture shock as I try to wrestle on how different America is from Kenya.


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