Made Front Page news at Grand Junction; Colorado

7 11 2013

Jaime and I have been quite busy in Colorado sharing our work with friends, churches and organizations. Towards the end of our stay in Colorado, we were invited by our friend; Pastor Darrin Crow to his church; Heart of Junction to visit.

The Monuments in Grand Junction, Colorado.

The Heart of Junction church had mobilized their members to connect with friends, schools and families in raising money for our apartment building. This team was able to bring amazing people like Susie Cupp and the entire Grand Junction high school led by their principal, Mr. Bilbo. Putting their efforts together, they managed to raise $15,000. This was amazing news in Grand Junction and made the front page in the local news paper:

We are excited to start the building this December, 2013. The Fund drive is still going on and any one interested in supporting the cause can contribute here:

Thank you for supporting this amazing project that will make a difference in the lives of the Mathare children.


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