Flatted Fifth

13 03 2014

It has been a busy year for Inspiration Centre with different activities and projects. For those who have been following us, you already know about our building apartments in Huruma. So far we have been able to build fifteen apartments

and fifteen more to go.

We are now left with the crucial task of making those apartments more presentable. We are inviting our friends, volunteers and supporters to come on board. We hope that once the apartments are ready, visiting volunteers who would like to experience life in our community would be able to stay at these apartments. We hope by May this year, most of those apartments will be ready for our volunteers to move in.

Here is what we are doing to make sure that we are on time:

Plumbing taking place in one of the washrooms

If you would like to support this project, here is how you can do it and your donation is tax deductible:

Online donation: https://www.servicenetwork.com/olg/eftplus02/donate.asp?MerchantCode=1447

Check donation:

Street Psalms (Inspiration Centre)

1121 Tacoma Ave S
Tacoma, WA 98402

(253) 988-1934

For more info, contact Lana Rocke (lanarocke@streetpsalms.org)


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