She has a name

10 06 2014

The months of April, May and June have been quite busy months for Inspiration Centre. We have wrestled with the construction of the Flatted Fifth building in Huruma and managed to reach third floor. We also managed to finalize first floor where tenants will be moving in soon, we are looking forward to finishing the other two floors. We are grateful for all the support we have received and are still receiving from all of you!

These months of May and June were also the months  we hosted our friends from the Heart of Junction Church from Colorado for two weeks. It was quite an experience to have the team live in Huruma (a neighboring slum in Mathare) for two weeks, teaching our worship team new songs/guitar lessons, painting our tents, teaching our teachers on how to become better teachers, changing diapers for our baby college and most importantly, rescuing our three girls from prostitution. Today we are lucky to announce that the three girls have a home in the Flatted Fifth building. They have two house mothers who will be living with them; guiding them on how to become better women and realize their God given potential and will be joining schools soon. This program is giving the three girls a name. The society may call them different names but we are claiming them back with their God given names. Mother Teresa said that “the success of love is in the loving- it is not in the result of loving.”

Please keep Sharon, Florence and Christine in your prayers. They are still young but have gone through so many challenges at their tender ages. Thank you all who contributed to start this program especially the team from Grand Junction led by pastor Darrin.

If you would like to partner with us by supporting a student go to school, helping with the rescued girls, supporting the building fund of the Flatted Fifth or just supporting Inspiration Centre in general, here is how you can do it:-

Write a check to Street Psalms (Inspiration Centre) or use the following banking info;

1121 Tacoma Ave S.

Tacoma, WA 98402

Acct # 7000598305
Routing #125108272
Phone # 253-988-1934


Using the online donation:-


Thank you for all your support.





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