6 11 2014

As we come towards the end of 2014, Inspiration Centre is grateful to all of you who have been instrumental and supportive in our work this year. We have been able to help more than 73 students in elementary school, high school and college by paying their school fees. Three girls have been rescued from prostitution and we are housing, feeding, and schooling them. Can you believe that we have fed more than 300 children every Sunday for the past three years? God’s work is amazing!

And it doesn’t stop there. Currently, we are in the process of constructing a six story building to provide affordable housing to Mathare residents and to generate some income for Inspiration Centre. So far we have managed to build three floors containing 15 apartments. We are looking forward to finishing the remaining three floors by next year. But we need your help.

As the holiday season draws near, you are invited to financially support any of our programs through our American partner, Street Psalms. Street Psalms is a 501 (c)3 and any funds donated to Inspiration Centre through them will be exempt from taxes in the US. Here is how you can give:

Write a check to Street Psalms and in the memo write Inspiration Centre. Mail it to:

1121 Tacoma Ave S.
Tacoma, Washington 98402


You can give through our online website:

Make sure you choose Kenya Inspiration Centre on the drop-down menu in the select box.

Once again, thank you so much for your support. We wish you God’s blessings this holiday season.


Visiting our Partners in America

4 11 2014

Jaime, Jericho and I have been in America for quite sometime now. During our stay, we managed to visit different Churches and organizations. some of the ones we visited include; King of Glory Church, Garifuna Church, Bear Valley Church, Heart of Junction church, Denver Community Church and Denver rescue Mission. We also stayed and visited some great friends and families in New York and Colorado. My visits to Colorado has always been amazing and we have always felt like a second home. Most of our supporters resides in Colorado.

I also had an opportunity to be affirmed by the Heart of Junction as a minister of God’s word. This felt like a vote of confidence in the ministry work I do at Inspiration Centre. Late last year, our ministry has been struggling on how to handle people with disability in Mathare. Mathare alone has a good number of people with autism. My friend Ben has been very instrumental in praying with us and connecting us with relevant people who are working and have many years of experience working with people with disability. It’s sad to know that at this day and age, people with disability are still shunned and ostracized from the community and their families. I am not sure where to begin this, but I am sure God is starting an avenue for all of us who have a heart for people with disability to converse.

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