For the first time

30 08 2015

The feeling of the wind carrying you weightless, high in the sky. The power of ocean waves embracing your entire being.  Experiencing God’s creation for the first time is priceless. This year’s camp was mostly college students and young adults. And for many, the first time going to the beach, snorkeling or taking a plane flight.Our 2015 art camp was in beautiful Diani, on the South Coast of Kenya. Sessions focused on Leadership, but there was plenty of time to enjoy scenery not found in the slum. We sat around one night, sharing our highs and lows. Then Jaime shared about Peter walking on water. The journey of a leader starts with a step of faith. God made leaders out of all of us on this trip. Through faith, it was possible to see God’s handiwork underwater, and high in the sky.  Thanks to the Denver Rescue Mission, through Steve Walkup, for supporting the camp and leading some sessions on what it means to be a strong Christian leader. Thanks also to Bear Valley Church, who donated their unused flight credits. But most importantly, Thank you God.

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