Being a missionary

27 10 2015

Being a missionary has always been attributed to a Western ideology of sending Christian brothers and sisters to the “world” to preach the gospel of Christ. Unlike myself; coming from Mathare slums in Nairobi, my wife Jaime and my son Jericho, this definition has entirely changed. We have been privileged to serve along the poor, the rich, the unpreached, the unreached, the republicans, the democrats, the Caucasians, the Africans, the Latinos and even the Natives. It’s amazing how the gospel of Christ cuts across our ethnicity, our race and our different affiliations. Our visits throughout the United States have been wonderful. They have brought joy, tears at some point, laughter, challenges and hope. We have been able to meet some of the amazing people who love God from the bottom of their hearts. We managed to visit seven different Churches and three different organizations. The following are the Churches and organizations we visited; Evangelical Garifuna Church (, King of Glory Tabernacle (, Dabar Tabernacle of Deliverance (, Heart of Junction (, Denver Community Church (, Bear Valley Church (, South Park Community Church (, Denver Rescue Mission (, Fletcher Miller School ( and Mile High Ministry ( God is using these Churches to make a difference in my community, my ministry and my Country Kenya. As always, I am grateful for all the support you give us!


As I prepare to get back to Nairobi, I know a lot of people will be asking me how people live in America, what kind of food they eat, if money grows on trees or if I will be bringing them with me on my next trip. The most important thing is that I have been able to share the gospel of Christ with everyone I interacted with.

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