15 09 2016

For the past few days have been one of the challenging days for my friend Kevin.  Kevin is autistic and lives with his single mother and his siblings in Huruma slums.

In less than two weeks ago, Kevin was assaulted by police officers and ended up losing a tooth and sustained minor injuries. It seems that the police acted unprofessionally when they tried to arrest Kevin for walking away from them. The intervention by neighbors and people who know Kevin in Huruma prompted the police to leave him alone but they had already assaulted him. Inspiration Centre has already secured a lawyer for Kevin and we are  in the process of pursuing justice for Kevin through the courts.


It’s sad to know that those entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the most vulnerable in our society end up misusing those powers against them.

Please keep Kevin in your prayers as we seek justice for him (seated in the first row in front).


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