Church building Updates

10 05 2017

Building Church in Mathare has been the most exciting thing in our ministry this year. We have shared with different Churches and friends on what this means for our community. The space in Mathare is always an issue because of the congestion and the unplanned structures. We are lucky to have a small space that can be utilized to the fullest. We plan to commence the construction as soon as the month of June, 2017. We have received generous support totaling to $25,000. We still have $43,000 to complete the entire building. The amounts we have raised so far will help in laying the foundation and constructing the ground floor (1st floor). I can’t wait to see and experience our first worship and prayer in the new sanctuary!

IMG_5869 (1).JPG

Many Blessings and thank you for the support! Please get in touch with us through if you wish to participate in the Church building project or support any of our programs and just pray with us.


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