2 11 2018

October was an amazing month for Jaime and myself. We finally got the opportunity to receive our daughter Jabezzi. Her name is derived from Jabez in 1st chronicles 4:9-10.Our prayer was to deliver her naturally because our first son was delivered through Cesarean Section. This was not well received by the doctors who referred to the pregnancy as “high risk”. In fact, Jaime was scheduled for a cesarean section just 5 days after her due date. We asked friends and family to pray with us for God’s will to be manifested. As a pastor and a person who encourages people everyday, my faith was put to test. I had to trust that God was with us no matter what the outcome seemed to be!

Image may contain: 3 people, baby
God was evidently with us, 3 days before Jaime’s due date, our daughter Jabezzi was delivered naturally! No epidural! No pitocin! No cesarean section!The doctors called it V-back, but I call it victory!

Thank you for all your prayers during the pregnancy and during the labor!




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