2 11 2018

October was an amazing month for Jaime and myself. We finally got the opportunity to receive our daughter Jabezzi. Her name is derived from Jabez in 1st chronicles 4:9-10.Our prayer was to deliver her naturally because our first son was delivered through Cesarean Section. This was not well received by the doctors who referred to the pregnancy as “high risk”. In fact, Jaime was scheduled for a cesarean section just 5 days after her due date. We asked friends and family to pray with us for God’s will to be manifested. As a pastor and a person who encourages people everyday, my faith was put to test. I had to trust that God was with us no matter what the outcome seemed to be!

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God was evidently with us, 3 days before Jaime’s due date, our daughter Jabezzi was delivered naturally! No epidural! No pitocin! No cesarean section!The doctors called it V-back, but I call it victory!

Thank you for all your prayers during the pregnancy and during the labor!


The guest rooms are ready

4 09 2018

After a lot of work and team effort, we can confidently say that Inspiration Centre can accommodate short term guests/missionaries visiting Inspiration Centre. This summer we had an opportunity to work with a team from Grand Junction in painting the accommodation rooms. Thank you again for sparing and spending your summer time and resources at Inspiration Centre.













We are looking forward to completing the rooftop and the cross in front of the building. The remaining part of the entire building needs $15,000 to complete.

Get in touch with with us through our email: inspirationcentremathare@gmail.com if you wish to get involved in any way.














Thank you again for all your support!

Back to the Fourth Floor

9 07 2018

We are back again to the construction process of Inspiration Centre building. All our energy has been directed to the fourth floor of the building. We have been able to do more plaster work, put grills, doors, windows and electrical wiring. We are still working on the tiles for the floors, paint and terrazzo.















Thank you all again for being part of this journey through your prayers and financial support. Get in touch with us through our email: inspirationcentremathare@gmail.com for more details on how you can get involved and updates.



Art Camp

3 05 2018

2018 was our tenth anniversary since we started hosting Art Camps in conjunction with other Churches, organizations and different groups of people. On this anniversary, we were privileged to have Bear Valley Church, Nexus, Friends from Pennsylvania, our staff and kids from our community. Our camp’s theme was “Ahsante” (Thankful).

We incorporated typical kids with special needs kids and their care givers. We hope that our communities will have a different perception and reduce the stigma associated with people with special needs.

As always, we are grateful for your prayers and financial support that has made all these possible. Send us an email if you wish to get connected with what we are doing: inspirationcentremathare@gmail.com


Working on the rooftop

14 03 2018

March has been a blessing month for our city Nairobi. We’ve received plenty of rains which were long overdue. We have also experienced flooding in different parts of the Country and lots of traffic jam in the city

At our Church building, we are working on the rooftop where water tanks are housed. We are excited to see the progress as we build this structure one step at a time. As usual, your prayers and support of any kind is always welcomed. Get in touch with us through: inspirationcentremathare@gmail.com.


Baby College

15 02 2018

Our baby College has finally moved to its permanent spot. We now have a room for baby college, a room for daycare, a room for our administration, a room for our library and a room for our kitchen. We are excited for the progress and are getting accustomed to the new developments.












We are also stocking our library with different kinds of books and are open receive books out there that are donated to us. As usual, you can get in touch with us through: inspirationcentremathare@gmail.com

Thank you for all the support!!!





Moved to a new place

25 01 2018

2018 started pretty well for our kindergarten and daycare! We have more than enough space to have a pre-school classroom with a capacity of 24 kids, a daycare room of a capacity of 15 babies, a kitchen and an administration office. This is a big step for our ministry bearing in mind that we’ve cutdown all our rent expenses to zero.



















Thank you again for partnering with Inspiration Centre Church to make this possible. You are always welcome to pray with us/for us, volunteer your time and resources to continue making a difference is our community. Send us an email for more information through: inspirationcentremathare@gmail.com
















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