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POSTAL ADDRESS: 77244-00611 Mathare Valley – Nairobi

Inspiration Centre has a staff of full and part time volunteers. Here’s how to contact us:

Moses Okonji: Director

Moses was born and raised in Mathare in a family of two headed by a single mother. He hold a masters degree in Urban leadership from Bakke Graduate University in Washington. He has more than ten years experience working with youths and teenagers in the slums of Nairobi. Currently Moses pastors at Inspiration Centre and is happily married to Celmali Jaime. He also works as a Business Associate with Centre for Transforming Mission Kenya.

Celmali Jaime: Ass. Director

Celmali was born and raised in New York but has moved to Kenya to work with her husband at inspiration Centre. Celmali holds a masters degree in Urban Studies. Apart from directing arts programs at Inspiration, she also designs curriculum for the daycare and co-pastors with her husband at Inspiration Centre.

Godfrey Lutende: Part time volunteer

                Rachel Okonji – Full time volunteer Baby Care

Nancy Likoko Part Time volunteer Worship Team

Mark Alila Part Time Volunteer Worship Team

Resi Nyalanga – Part time volunteer Feeding Program

Lawrence Havi Full time Volunteer at Kerosene Pump.

Katie Darlington: Site administrator/volunteer (currently in the US)



10 responses

26 02 2010
David Kanyosya

Am happy for what you guys are doing havent been to your centre yet but would like to visit. I am in the process of getting an organisation known as Arise Development Program , It started in kisumu we already have businesses there and we employ and train young adults in our businesses. We should organise and meet so as to workout a partnership your your youth can benefit from this.
Let me know.

Regards ,
David Kanyosya

27 02 2010
Inspiration Centre

I’m glad you found our site. We would love to hear more about what your organization does in Kisumu and we’re always open to working with partners to acheive our goals. I you want to arrange a visit to the centre or talk more about parntering with Inspiration Centre, you should try calling or emailing Moses, who is running the centre right now.

14 06 2010

Good job Okonji! Keep up the good job. God bless

24 09 2011
Dennis & Teresa Reimers

Do you have a U.S. address where donations can be sent?

24 09 2011
Inspiration Centre

Donations can be made through Center for Transforming Mission (CTM)
902 Market Street Tacoma, WA 98402

*Please make sure to include Inspiration Centre Mathare in the memo line of any donation made through CTM. If you would like your donation to support a specific project (art camp, school sponsorships, etc), please specify as well. Donations made through CTM are tax deductible.

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting our work!

1 11 2012
Inspiration Centre

Yes Dennis and Teresa, here is our US address:

4 11 2014
Inspiration Centre

Yes we have a 501 (c)3 called Stree psalms (

2 05 2012
Big Updates « Inspiration Centre Mathare

[…] Contact Us […]

16 09 2014

do your have photography classes

4 11 2014
Inspiration Centre

Yes we do have photography classes every Saturday.

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