Future Plans



Inspiration Centre is in the process of raising funds to construct a five-story building. So far we have raised $5,500 and are still looking for investors to invest in our company; Flatted Fifth Limited. F5 as it’s known, is a business wing of Inspiration Centre that will provide decent housing to low-income residents of Mathare. Currently, Inspiration Centre owns a piece of Land in Huruma that will house 30 families. The other available opportunity is purchasing an old building that is currently on sale and renovating it to accommodate 42 families.  We invite any interested party in this project.


KEROSENE PUMP This business is in Huruma estate and has been in operation for the past two years. Profit earned from the business is used towards offsetting school fees for students in our program. Many households in Huruma and Mathare use kerosene to cook and light their homes.


It has been one year since we purchased a barbershop in the city of Nairobi. This business has provided employment to two young men and it’s generating a revenue to Inspiration Centre.


Every Sunday after church, inspiration Centre feeds more than 200 people. More than 70% of this number are children under the age of 14 years. The meals are well prepared by our local volunteers who ensure that the meals are well balanced and nutritious.  This Program has been very successful and very significant to many children who are only fed one meal in a day.


Every Saturday, kids flock to Inspiration Centre to learn craft, painting, drawing, taking pictures, videos, dance, poetry and music. This program has helped many kids discover their hidden talents and new skills. At the end of every year, Inspiration Centre takes more than 100 kids to an Art Camp outside Mathare for one week.


This program is designed to equip young Christians with a solid foundation in understanding various narratives in the Bible.


  • Purchase 10 acres of land to build the Inspirations Centre high school
  • To mentor and educate 1000 children from Mathare ranging from 6 years to 18 years through the education sponsorship program.
  • To provide 50 additional employment opportunities for youths through our various income generating projects.
  • T0 train all of our local and international volunteers on betters ways to serve our communities.
  • To upgrade our Feeding Program from Sundays only to everyday.
  • To build a library- Most of the students in Mathare live in a one room (9 x 9 fit) house with not enough space to study or even electricity for light. We hope to ease these challenges by providing a library that will be fully equipped with books, electricity, tables and chairs.
  • Music studio – It’s our hope that talented youths from Mathare will finally get the chance to share their work with the world. Because of the cost involved in recording music, most of the gifted artists in the slum may never get the chance to record or broadcast their music.  This studio will be the first of its kind in Mathare. The bigger picture is to eventually turn that into a Mathare radio station.

3 responses

25 03 2010

You guys are doing amazing stuff. I wish and pray for God to use people out there with resources to come in and support your work especially taking those slum kids to high school. Keep it up!

24 05 2010

These ideas are wonderful. I pray God will show us a way to make this work for the kids. Thank you for helping the children of Mathare.

21 11 2011

thank you so much to inspiration centre for being there for me and making sure that i go to school till my last day at school
am realy geatfull and i pray that God may bless them abudantly

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