One more floor

4 12 2017

As we get ready to bid 2017 goodbyes, Inspiration Centre is embarking on our final journey to finish the last floors of our Centre. We received a generous contribution from a friend; enough to add one more floor. We are excited to bring people back to work and as we see our dreams come to life.


As usual, Working in Mathare, the needs are endless! We still need more financial support to do the finishes on the second, third and fourth floors. We also need to furnish our library, daycare, kitchen and preschool with furniture, books and kids stuff.

If you wish to get involved in anyway, get in touch with us through:

Enjoy Christmas and a happy 2018!!!





Next Phase

8 11 2017

eye viewThe new excitement of having our own sanctuary is beyond words. To many of us, it was and still is a new experience that we have to get used to it. We are also aware that we have to focus on finishing the class rooms, the library, the kitchen, the office and the Sunday school hall upstairs. We still need more financial support to do this. Get in touch with us for more information through our email:



“Show me a stand point and I will move the earth” Archimedes



We have a sanctuary!!!

19 10 2017

After yearning for more than 8 years to have a place of worship, God finally opened the way on the 15th of October, 2017. It was all songs, dances and happy faces as we entered God’s house built in Mathare.










We continue to pray that this Sanctuary will bring hope to the Mathare community. We are always grateful for all your support! We still need your financial support to complete the three upper levels. Get in touch with us through:

God bless you all!

Church Dedication

5 10 2017

After working tirelessly for more than three months, we are happy to announce the dedication of Inspiration Centre Church on the 15th of October, 2017! Words alone can’t describe how we feel as a Church, Mathare community and all of those who participated financially, through prayers and encouragement. May God bless you abundantly!22195398_10214381494434940_564692547235380651_n22195461_10214381494394939_7055029925716560291_n








You can still get involved in completing rooms in the three floors above the Church that are yet to be completed.

21617908_10214276544931268_1849916226560763055_neye view








These rooms will house a pre-school, a library, a therapy room for those with special needs, a daycare, a kitchen, a musical studio, a radio station and accommodation for volunteers working with Inspiration Centre. Keep encouraging us, praying with us or even offering your financial support to make this a reality in Mathare. Our email address is Visit our 501(c)3 partners in the United States (Street Psalms) or (Cord ministries international) to donate.


Thank you for your partnership!!!








Inspiration Church

1 09 2017

For almost two months now, we have made a lot of progress in putting up a Church building in Mathare. It’s becoming a landmark in Mathare and a beacon of hope to our residents.











We are forever grateful for all the support given to us! Get in touch with us through for more information.



We started the Church building

24 07 2017

20292641_10213720603913090_8526731724741970965_nI barely find words to express how I feel with what’s happening in Mathare especially at Inspiration Centre. I am experiencing history being made in a community I love and grew up in.












We’ve had overwhelming support from the Mathare community; those who’ve worked and are willing to work for small wages, experienced stone masons, architect, engineers, Inspiration Centre staff and all the suppliers of the materials needed to make this happen. We also acknowledge and thank those who have contributed their finances. The list is endless but we can only say, THANK YOU!!!

If you would like to get involved in any way, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through: or or through our twitter handle @slumshepherds or like us on facebook; Inspiration Centre.

Church building Updates

10 05 2017

Building Church in Mathare has been the most exciting thing in our ministry this year. We have shared with different Churches and friends on what this means for our community. The space in Mathare is always an issue because of the congestion and the unplanned structures. We are lucky to have a small space that can be utilized to the fullest. We plan to commence the construction as soon as the month of June, 2017. We have received generous support totaling to $25,000. We still have $43,000 to complete the entire building. The amounts we have raised so far will help in laying the foundation and constructing the ground floor (1st floor). I can’t wait to see and experience our first worship and prayer in the new sanctuary!

IMG_5869 (1).JPG

Many Blessings and thank you for the support! Please get in touch with us through if you wish to participate in the Church building project or support any of our programs and just pray with us.

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