Diaspora of Hope Art Camp

22 12 2010

A reflection on art camp from our director, Moses:

The Camp in Mombasa was one of my most memorable moments with Mathare kids. It’s memorable because I had earlier during the year promised to take them to Mombasa but I didn’t know how. It was also memorable because it was the first time I spent around eight hours in a bus and five nights with the kids. I can’t really say the feeling that Inspiration Centre kids had. I can simply say that they had great time.

The camp was amazing. Our first night was for us to find where to sleep, shower and eat. I was teaching photography and was being assisted by Andrew and Godfrey. We had nine disposable and one digital camera. We also had received a donation of video camera from one of the volunteers  which we were able to use to record what was going on at the camp.

We were all looking forward to going to the beach every afternoon. We had set our afternoon free so that we could all go for beach except one day which we decided to go to Fort Jesus and the Likoni Ferry.

I have a feeling that we have set high standards for next year. Some kids were saying that they want to go to Tanzania next year. I just laughed it off but I guess with God all things are possible (just like I didn’t know how to take them to Mombasa, Tanzania may be a replica).

Being the director of Inspiration Centre and doubling it up as the director for the camp, was tiresome and demanding. I was forced to make executive and tough decisions at some point. All in all , everything went well, just a few teething problems here and there but nothing that I couldn’t handle. I guess next year God willing, we will do even better.

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