Back to School

2 05 2011

As April break comes to a close and our kids head back to school this week, Inspiration Centre students have been thinking about the challenges and hurdles they will face as they return to classes.


  • Concerned for safety and security as he and his classmates trek to school in the morning.


  • Challenged to cope well in school through rules, understanding in class and peer pressure.
  • Encourages fellow students to work hard


  • Lacks text books to be able to perform better


  • Prays to have courage as she starts her practical classes of nursing, especially while going to wards and mortuaries
  • Feels great to see her friends at IC and the zeal they have in serving God
  • Challenges her fellow youths to be consistence and avoid bad company
  • Prays that God may help her to know her limits when in a relationship
  • Prays to overcome peer pressure


  • Needs to have a place where he can study in the evening
  • Wants to pass knowledge to others


  • Still feels challenged going back to school after staying out of school for four years.
  • Feels bad that his mother is facing daily challenges to make ends meet when he should be the one helping her out. Sometimes he feels that the school is the one keeping him from working to support his mother.


  • Advises her friends not to follow the crowd
  • Challenges her friends to have “academic jealousy” during their time in school.
  • Challenges her friends with a quote “show me your friend and I will show you your character.” She advised her friends to choose wisely the company they keep while in school to avoid being enticed to bad behaviors.
  • Wants to keep God first


  • Encouraged friends that it was never too late to redeem oneself in academics
  • Faced with bus fare challenges in going to college


  • Struggles with the fact that his class has almost 90% of boys who are involved in drugs
  • Prays for strength in handling peer pressure in school
  • Feels bad that city boys who share the same understanding as him are the ones who are involved in drugs and are not sharp in class. The ones who happen to be serious in class and drug free are regarded as “rural boys.” He is forced to swallow the bitter peel of being a friend of “rural boys” to avoid getting into trouble.


  • Challenges friends to form good relationships and encouraged platonic friendships
  • Encourages everyone to avoid cheating in school exams


  • Feels pressured when he see his class mate cheating to pass their exams
  • Peer pressure


  • He feels challenged when he see his parents going through various challenges to meet the needs at home.
  • Most of his fellow students smoke weed (bhang) a lot especially at around his home in Huruma.
  • He has hard time in understanding mathematics and he feels that this was as a result of having a bad foundation in primary school with a teacher who used to come to class drunk.
  • He needs text books but fears getting them from school because they could be stolen.


  • Thankful that he does not have to deal with school fee challenges because he got a scholarship.
  • Worried about peer pressure and lack of text books


  • Faces school fees challenges which makes it hard for him to catch up in class while away.

Please continue to keep these students in your prayers throughout the new term. They need all the encouragement they can get, so leave a comment, and we’ll pass it on!

On Saturday, the Inspiration Centre family enjoyed one last day of fun with a pool party and picnic before students return to class.


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