Big Updates

2 05 2012


After months of inactive web presence, Inspiration Centre is back in action on the web! Just because we haven’t posted anything lately doesn’t mean there hasn’t been big stuff happening at the IC, though. In fact, there are a lot of new and exciting things to share. So without further ado,

Sacco: Inspiration Centre started a Sacco (monthly saving) to encourage the spirit of savings. It’s very hard for people in the slum to save money. The Sacco encourages people (members of Inspirations Centre, Mathare residents and our students) to save as little as Ksh.200 ($3) per month. In its first month, our Sacco members have saved Ksh. 10,500 ($133). Way to go! We hope that the savings will help fund some community-strengthening projects. Moses is encouraging participants to target buying a van that can be used to generate some income.

New Company: We are in the process of registering a company called FLATTED FIFTH LTD. This company will be the vehicle to propel IC to greater heights and to also meet its budget. This is another exciting step in our path towards self-sufficiency. Income generating projects (like the kerosene pump, land ownership, and hopefully more) enable Inspiration Centre to send kids to school, put on art camps, host church, provide a safe place to hang out, and much more! We have already done a name search with the Kenyan government and the name was approved. Now we are working the modality of how business will be managed, directors, shareholders, etc. More updates to come.

Back to School: Boy does time fly! Our students are heading back to school this week for another term of classes. We wish them the best of luck and ask for prayers for perseverance and motivation with classes, peer pressure, and the stress of being away from home. As always, we have students that would benefit greatly from financial sponsorship. For more information, please contact us. And another thank you to those generous donors who already help this happen.

Facebook: Inspiration Centre now has a Facebook page, so get out there and “like” us!


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