Wanna be a STAR?

27 02 2010

Strong. Trustworthy. Able to do Anything. Respectful and Respected. That’s who we are… the STARgirls of Inspiration Centre, living up to the true meaning of our name! We meet on Saturday afternoons to talk. Yes, girl talk. Sometimes, if we must, we allow the other gender to join… but usually it’s just us, in the glory of our femininity, discussing beauty, relationships, self-esteem, education, goals, our struggles, our community, our bodies, our hair, and yes, of course… boys. It’s a positive place for preteen and teenage girls, and a safe environment for us to live out our God given identities as females. The journey from girlhood to womanhood is rough, so why not make it fun? Why not celebrate who we are? Why not make the journey beautiful? And so, we strive to educate ourselves, influence our neighborhood, change our world… and of course… look good while we do it too. STARgirls… that’s who we are!

Some of the STARS: Jaime, Valentine, and Jemima


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