Saying goodbye to Grandpa

29 01 2015

It has been quite a while since we posted any updates. A lot has transpired at Inspiration Centre. Jaime, Jericho and I managed to get back to Kenya safely.

We have more than 70 students who are getting direct help to go to school and colleges. 4 more students will be joining high school in February 2015. We are very excited with what God is doing in our ministry. We are also grateful to all our partners who have really extended their financial support to either through the sponsorship, our ministry in general or towards our building project.

2015 didn’t start well though, we lost our grandpa; Rev. Michael Okonji. Michael was a great man who played a father figure in my life.

He was a man who feared God and encouraged me to serve God in whatever I chose to do in life. Having lived 84 years, we still had tears to shed as we came to terms of losing him.

Thank you all for your prayers, encouragements and financial support.


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